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Practice Manager

Practice Manager is the perfect online practice management software that runs in real time, which in simple terms means you know what’s going on and can plan the workload capacity with accuracy and efficiency. Identify and reallocate bottle necks easily, jobs are spread evenly across your resource base, and many more intelligent workflow management automation makes life easier for everyone.

Easy & Quick Timesheets and Workflow Management for Accountants

Jobs Management

You and your staff can quickly identify which job needs to be prioritized and the order they need to be performed through CCH iFirm practice management software feature – Jobs Automation. The online practice management software helps Managers to allocate jobs and prioritize them for the staff, set up jobs individually or even in bulk.
CCH iFirm is designed to enable easy setup of Recurring Jobs which make up 60% to 90% of your firm’s revenue.
With Practice Manager, the Jobs page becomes your firm’s central focus.

  • Tabs create quick filters for easy access to jobs
  • Click on column headers for easy sorting
  • Click to drill through the job details
  • Set up jobs individually, in bulk or even automatically
  • Edit Jobs in bulk
  • Tracking of Jobs by Jobs Partner and Job Manager
  • Create user defined dynamic fields for Jobs

Specify default resource allocation by client, so whenever a new job is added for a client, Practice Manager automatically assigns the work. You can even specify minimum or agreed fees for a client and it will create automatic write-ups when invoicing!

Workflow Automation

Easily check the progress of each job assigned and keeps a check on the ones that are overdue, completed or ready to be invoiced in lesser time through CCH iFirm workflow management software for accountants.

With automated workflow management software for accountants, it is quick and easy to allocate jobs, resources and determine the order of priority. Ensure your staffs work efficiency through jobs prioritized by their Manager, and have zero distractions!

The workflow management software offers customized security level settings. For instance you may see only your jobs or depending on your designation as a manager/director you will have an overall access of the firm and view all the jobs.

Easily change the job priority order for a team member by ‘dragging and dropping’ selected jobs.

Capacity Planning

You can match jobs to staff resources and create targets and filing dates as per the checklists created for each client assignment using Capacity Planning. You can plan resources based on workload or automatically allocate recurring jobs.

Eliminate capacity and scheduling issues to maximize your output. Plan the workload in advance so you will never be under- or over-staffed. Recurring jobs can be automatically scheduled, giving you a clear view of how to build your remaining workflow around these. You can easily identify bottlenecks by re-allocating work across users and across different months.

You can be assured that you are equipped with the most efficient team setup. Your staff will be happy with the reduced stress levels during peak work periods!


Timesheets for chartered accountants need to be entered to accurately measure job, staff and the firms’ performance. The CCH iFirm Practice Management Software transforms this task easy and customizable as per the firm requirement for entering time units. The time sheets are simple and user friendly setup with customizable features letting you view “Daily, Weekly and Monthly Views” and “Totals” in the unit of your preference. With the automated Timesheets for chartered accountants at a glance, you can figure out whether or not your team is on schedule.

Recording time to jobs in Practice Manager is made easy by allowing users to add timesheets from multiple sources – ‘My Timesheets’ page, the job they are working on, or from the ‘Recently Viewed’ jobs list.

Timesheets represent billable hours and revenues for chartered accountants. You can see where you’re missing time in your weekly or monthly timesheet or see where you need to increase your billable time in order to meet your chargeable targets.

Timesheet Approval and Copy Timesheet Track time spent by resources on jobs more accurately wherein a senior partner or manager must approve the timesheet entry. At the same time, resources save time by copying timesheets instead of typing them each time for similar natured jobs.

The Missing and Incomplete Timesheets Report lets you quickly check whether the team has completed their jobs as allocated. You can also set up standard hours for each day of the week as per each team member.

Client Invoicing

The Client Invoicing engine in CCH iFirm Practice Manager is a useful tool. It allows you to budget, set minimum fee and manage your cash inflow. It is a “Template Based Invoicing Engine” which allows you to edit your invoices as you see fit and generate email invoice. It also provisions for ‘Multiple Entities Billing’ which is a common accounting practice.

Just as you are able to automatically create jobs individually or in bulk, you can do the same with your invoices, saving a great deal of time.

You can export generated invoices as PDF documents, or send directly via email.

Practice Manager’s Invoicing section allows you to see:

  • The Budget and/or Minimum Fee set for a Job
  • The Actual WIP compared to any Write-On or Write-Off
  • Value of recent invoices for the client
  • Client invoices in word
  • Different invoice number series for draft invoices and the final invoices

Value Based Pricing

Price your jobs upfront & track your write-ons!

With CCH iFirm you can easily set up agreed fees or value-based pricing to increase your firm’s cash flow. Simply choose the jobs you want to set up with an agreed fee or run your entire firm this way.

Once you have set up your pricing model, we make it very easy for you to bill for your work.
Practice Manager encourages you to either invoice upfront for your jobs or invoice for the work as soon as the job is completed.
Enjoy better cash flow as you don’t have to wait until the job is complete to invoice and you can easily create interim invoices as you go.

In fact, Practice Manager can help you reduce write-offs in your firm and create write-ons.

With powerful reporting, for each job you can see how much time was taken previously to complete a similar job for the client. Also view all similar jobs/clients and even check to see how much you wrote on. This allows you to make sure you are setting realistic and attainable value-based fees.

You can also get Practice Manager to automatically apply rules you’ve set for your firm, such as:

  • Set an ‘Agreed Fee’ for a Job and automate the invoice value
  • Create a ‘Minimum Fee’ for a specific Job Type to automatically "write-up" at invoice time

Automated Alerts

Communication is critical in managing workflow and monitoring performance. Alerts remind you of deadlines and resource issues.

Practice Manager sends automated alerts that are set up to follow rules (that you set up) to keep the team on track and keep managers informed of progress.

You can set up multiple types of automated alerts, including:

  • New jobs
  • Job comment notifications
  • Variance alerts
  • Dynamic field notifications
  • Reminder emails for client notes
  • Over budget on jobs alerts
  • Target end date alerts

By encouraging this transparency throughout your firm, team members are held accountable.

Dashboard & Reporting

CCH iFirm Practice Manager’s Dashboard & Reporting has 70+ reports to help you measure the performance of your staff and Firm regularly and rework your strategies to improve wherever necessary.

Quickly see how well you and your team are achieving KPI’s, including:

  • Job Turnaround & Profitability
  • Annual Accounts Completion Rates
  • Cash flow & Revenue Analysis
  • Client Profitability
  • Work in Progress
  • Resource Usage & Allocation
  • Staff Efficiency & Productivity
  • Missing Timesheets
  • Debtor Updates on dashboard widget


Discover dynamic, integrated, cloud-based solutions to simplify and automate the running of your practice.

You’ll enjoy increased visibility across workflow, resources and performance – ultimately freeing your practice up to spend more time adding value to your clients.

Everything you need to manage and work efficiently is at your fingertips whether you’re in the office, working remotely or out visiting clients.

Learn more about Practice Manager, Practice Knowhow, iFirm Documents, Client Portal and Contacts.


  • "After moving to CCHiFirm, billing has become faster, accurate and real-time. We have total control over the execution of jobs and working files, and are able to assess profitability of each job. Also we no longer forget to charge disbursement to clients, which was otherwise eating into profits."
    CA. Suresh M. V

  • "With CCHiFirm's automated system of capturing data, it resolved the challenge of capturing attendance details in three ways: It captured, analysed and provided reports based on our various requirements. It also acted as a point of reference for employees who wanted to check their leave details, bringing in a firm-wide accepted process."
    KNAV & Co

  • "CCHiFirm has proved to be very useful to ANRK to achieve effective cost tracking, time tracking and finally, mark-up identification. Through CCHiFirm we are able to realize higher revenue and greater mark-up generation."
    A N R K & Associates LLP

  • "We are very happy with CCHiFirm. We are using it mainly for job tracking and resource allocation. It is also helping us arrest revenue leakages, which was happening earlier. We are very happy with the support which we are getting onsite & offsite and will definitely recommend CCHiFirm to our peers."
    CA Lalitha B

  • "Having CCHiFirm is like having an admin person reporting me all key metrics 24 x 7. I especially like features like: Costing of Job, efficiency-wise ranking of staff, reporting of delayed job either allotted time-wise or date-wise. The best part of the software is the “Client Portal” feature; it has become our USP!"
    Malav C Sheth & Co

  • "We are using CCHiFirm for more than a year now. We are mainly using it for job tracking and invoicing. There are so many good features available & we really like the automated invoice emailing from system. We are 100% satisfied with the support which we are getting during our transactions and in general. We will definitely recommend CCHiFirm to our peers."
    Korah & Korah Chartered Accountants


Your clients place their trust in you to support them with accurate work and timely advice. CCH iFirm provides you with the tools and systems, when you have to be right.

From the core responsibility of keeping clients compliant, all the way through to streamlining how you communicate with them, we’ve got solutions to enhance and grow your relationship.

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