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Practice Knowhow

Harness your intellectual property, by capturing every single piece of data, information and insight, from every member of your organization, into one central, completely secure online location. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting India provides best practices “Checklists” content as a “Publisher” within Practice Knowhow.

Share Content, Update with Checklist via Intranet for CA

Share Content

Practice Knowhow ensures that all team members use the same templates to create standard documents such as letters, documents and reports. This not only saves time in formatting but also avoids unnecessary duplication of efforts. When integrated with Practice Manager, Practice Knowhow content can be assigned to specific job types, so that everything you need to complete a job is displayed when you are working on it.

Document Access

Documents can be arranged under tabs and sub tabs allowing users to access content easily this is also supported by a “Search” option. Different document formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Videos and HTML pages are supported. The menu can be arranged in a hierarchical order, with sub-menus, indicated by the  icon.

Open / Save Content
 to display on the screen or download a file to your computer
Merge a document with client details and send it to the client (when used with contacts module)
Edit Content item (depends upon security rights)
Instantly add content to your favorites list, which can then be accessed by the My Favorites menu item.
Take print out of documents or save as PDF

Specialist Supplied Content

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting India provides best practices, “Checklists” content as a “Publisher” The content will be available categorized under various topics and will be updated by our CCH editorial team. The Checklist for statutory audit runs on a common intranet for CA’s.

The Statutory Audit Checklist will be available under various heads which can be used by subscribers to keep track of all activities to be performed while doing a job. The Checklist for statutory audit will be uploaded as Excel templates and can be downloaded and modified as per requirement.

  • Statutory Audit
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Due Diligence
  • Securities, Borrowings and Lendings
  • CARO, 2015
  • Fixed Assets Accounting

And More


Discover dynamic, integrated, cloud-based solutions to simplify and automate the running of your practice.

You’ll enjoy increased visibility across workflow, resources and performance – ultimately freeing your practice up to spend more time adding value to your clients.

Everything you need to manage and work efficiently is at your fingertips whether you’re in the office, working remotely or out visiting clients.

Learn more about Practice Manager, Practice Knowhow, iFirm Documents, Client Portal and Contacts.


  • "After moving to CCHiFirm, billing has become faster, accurate and real-time. We have total control over the execution of jobs and working files, and are able to assess profitability of each job. Also we no longer forget to charge disbursement to clients, which was otherwise eating into profits."
    CA. Suresh M. V

  • "With CCHiFirm's automated system of capturing data, it resolved the challenge of capturing attendance details in three ways: It captured, analysed and provided reports based on our various requirements. It also acted as a point of reference for employees who wanted to check their leave details, bringing in a firm-wide accepted process."
    KNAV & Co

  • "CCHiFirm has proved to be very useful to ANRK to achieve effective cost tracking, time tracking and finally, mark-up identification. Through CCHiFirm we are able to realize higher revenue and greater mark-up generation."
    A N R K & Associates LLP

  • "We are very happy with CCHiFirm. We are using it mainly for job tracking and resource allocation. It is also helping us arrest revenue leakages, which was happening earlier. We are very happy with the support which we are getting onsite & offsite and will definitely recommend CCHiFirm to our peers."
    CA Lalitha B

  • "Having CCHiFirm is like having an admin person reporting me all key metrics 24 x 7. I especially like features like: Costing of Job, efficiency-wise ranking of staff, reporting of delayed job either allotted time-wise or date-wise. The best part of the software is the “Client Portal” feature; it has become our USP!"
    Malav C Sheth & Co

  • "We are using CCHiFirm for more than a year now. We are mainly using it for job tracking and invoicing. There are so many good features available & we really like the automated invoice emailing from system. We are 100% satisfied with the support which we are getting during our transactions and in general. We will definitely recommend CCHiFirm to our peers."
    Korah & Korah Chartered Accountants


Your clients place their trust in you to support them with accurate work and timely advice. CCH iFirm provides you with the tools and systems, when you have to be right.

From the core responsibility of keeping clients compliant, all the way through to streamlining how you communicate with them, we’ve got solutions to enhance and grow your relationship.

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