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Use Practice Management Software to Plan Workload Capacity Accurately

Friday, May 19th, 2017

Tons of ways are available to plan workload capacity, but our online practice management tool makes the task efficient.  Practice manager can runs in the real time that in easy term means anyone recognizes what is going on with better accuracy. The job management software not only identifies the bottlenecks but also spread the jobs evenly across the resource base. Apart from that, the smart automation of workflow management makes your life easier.

Jobs Management

CCCH iFirm is powerful software that comes with a notable feature known as jobs automation. It lets users and their staffs identify fast which task requires prioritizing.  By using this job management software, you can also allocate tasks and prioritize jobs for your staff.

You can also set up tasks even in huge amount or individually. It is created to enable hassle-free setup of the recurring tasks that make up sixty percentages to ninety percentages of your company’s profit. With this project, the jobs portion becomes the central focus of your firm.

  • Enjoy easy sorting by clicking on the column headers
  • Tabs product fast filters for straightforward access to the jobs
  • Set up tasks automatically, individually or in bulk
  • Edit tasks in bulk
  • Develop user defined active fields for Jobs
  • Tracking of various Jobs by the Job Manager and Jobs Partner

Practice management tool for accountants

Managing the business tasks is a daunting task, so business individuals are seeking for a safe and quick solution. Our accounting practice management software is intuitive and intelligent practice management software. This accountant’s software makes both the business and life easier.

We make this software incredibly easy for enhancing productivity, streamlining billing, treat clients right and tracking time. The most reliable software comes with a stunning range of account-friendly features, including:

  • Track billing and time with the accountant-specific features
  • Optimize and manage cash flow
  • Create custom reports and invoices with hassle-free formatting

It is vital to note that the accounting software is designed by keeping the accountants in mind. The unique approach let us bring accounts a perfect practice management tool.  The team of highly skilled software developers has the capability to develop reliable software.

  • Easy to understand

Easy to use, the software makes it easier for accountants for optimizing all aspects of the practice

  • Powerful

Our software has the robust capacity, industry-specific features and great functionality that make it a one-stop solution for the firms and accountants.

  • Affordable

The accounting practice management software has everything as you expect from any expensive billing program.

Moreover, the unique developed software comes with many specialized features to make the job quicker and easier. For additional details, kindly hire our official portal.



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