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Invoicing Made Easy with CCH iFirm Practice Management Software

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

It is a universal truth that invoicing your clients on time is a key to realizing optimal cash flows. It is only wiser to adopt a process that eliminates any hiccups that result in delays in generating timely invoices.

The sooner you present your bills, the faster your revenue can be available as a working capital. This “cash flow velocity” could be a crucial factor for smooth operations of your firm in an immensely competitive market. Hence, it is important that all billing and invoicing tasks are streamlined and reviewed timely.

CCH iFirm is a revolutionary online practice management software that is designed around the challenges faced by the most chartered accounting firms. Client invoicing is one such challenge that needs to be managed smartly.  CCH iFirm, a practice management software for chartered accountants by Wolters Kluwer;  provides an effective solution for your client invoicing needs as it not only eases your task of invoice generation but also helps in keeping a track of pending invoices. The Client Invoice service is a part of the Practice Manager Module of the software which provides easy invoice generation; review or editing of draft invoices, options to choose from predefined invoicing templates and even bulk invoice creation and printing with an utmost ease.
Invoices can be created easily by any assigned team member with the help of this tool. Generating invoices is made easy with “Template Based” tool which allows you to edit your invoices as per your fit.  The billing template can be customized as per your firms’ requirement; it lets you add logo and format the text.

You can automatically create invoices individually or in bulk which saves you precious time. It also provisions for ‘Multiple Billing Entities’ which makes the process even smoother.
A quick insight into the CCH iFirm Practice Management Software:

  • You can export generated invoices as PDF documents, print them or email them at click-a-button.
  • Practice Manager’s Invoicing section allows you to see:
    • The Budget and/or Minimum Fee set for a Job
    • The Actual WIP compared to any Write-On or Write-Off
    • Value of recent invoices for the client

Simply, the CCH iFirm makes invoicing an easy process, making your practice better and efficient.



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