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How Cloud Based Office Management Software Is An Advantage For Your CA Firm?

Monday, October 30th, 2017

CCH iFirm is the most comprehensive cloud based office management software for CA firms in India. With the help of cloud computing, CCH iFirm eases the process of managing client relationships and documents, streamlines administration and collaboration, and optimizes practice initiatives for CA firms of all sizes.

The cloud based office management software runs on a hosted environment and can be accessed anytime and anywhere online. This software works as a great advantage for a CA firm as cloud computing allows people to access the application through the internet. This software constantly backs up data on the cloud thus eliminating any manual need to creating multiple backups and restoration points.

Cloud computing-based softwares surely increase your efficiency and offer many more benefits like:

As a Cloud based software, CCH iFirm is ideal for chartered accountants firms with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands as this software allows to easily scale up resources and modules online.

Automated Software Updates
CCH iFirm providers take care of all software updates and changes for you, including security updates – so you need not worry about wasting time maintaining the system yourself. Thus, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter most to your firm’s practice.

Work From Anywhere
Cloud based applications let you work from anywhere, anytime. You’re not restricted to your location whether at home or office.This surely makes your work faster and efficient.

Document Control
CCH iFirm is cloud based software for accountants that store all data files centrally on a single hosted platform. This ultimately leads to better work as greater visibility means improved collaboration.

Cloud based software gives you greater security. Such software saves you from losing valuable confidential data as it stores your data on the cloud; you can access it no matter what happens to your machine.

What the users say…
Viral Chotai, Consulting Director, Radisson Consulting Private Limited said, “In addition to this, CCH iFirm has allowed us to view all the client information in one place, even accessible on the go. This is critical to the business as clients often call to seek updates when we are in between meetings or in transit."

“CCH iFirm has become fundamental to our daily operations. It is the next generation cloud based software that has given us the power to run more efficiently and profitably” concluded CA. G Kumar from A. John Moris & Co.

Not moved to the cloud yet?

Out of the given advantages, any two of the above advantages would be enough to convince your CA firm to move your practice into the cloud.

And if you already feel ready for those advantages, and more, see how CCH iFirm can help make your practice function effortlessly.



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