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How CCH iFirm Timesheets for Chartered Accountants Helps in Resourceful Results?

Friday, June 16th, 2017

As we all know, a business works best if it is efficient and utilization of time is kept to maximum. CCH iFirm is fantastic practice management software for accountants that will save you and your business’ valuable time, by taking care of the little things, meaning that you can focus on your clients and develop your business. The question is why spend time on unnecessary tasks or routine items such as manual timesheets, invoices or reports, when CCH iFirm can do the work for you?

So what can CCH iFirm Timesheets for chartered accountants help?

Trying to accurately draw up timesheets can prove to be tricky and time consuming when done manually. With CCH iFirm, the job of creating timesheets is made simple, quick and efficient for both employer and employee, by the use of online timesheets for chartered accountants. This feature helps by managing the hours of work which can be collated with the specific job the employee is carrying out, enabling you to be able to see the amount of time each job takes. The practice management software makes work for Chartered Accountants well organized and resourceful.

The CCH iFirm Practice Management Software makes work easy and customizable as per the firm requirement for entering time units. The time sheets are simple and user friendly, setup with customizable features letting you view “Daily, Weekly and Monthly Views” and “Totals” in the unit of your preference. With the automated Timesheets for chartered accountants at a glance, you can figure out whether or not your team is on schedule.



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