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Documents Management – Best Module of CCH iFirm Software for Accountants

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

The idea of a paperless office isn’t a concept anymore. With the advancement in technology and growth in the IT sector,this concept is very much becoming a reality. CCH iFirm is one such office management software that provides comprehensive document management for chartered accountants. Soft copies surely have many advantages over physical files and document folders. In present day and age, the benefits of electronically saved documents are far too many and far too evident. In general terms, with an installation of document management software for accountants, you get the convenience to accumulate important business documents in the electronic form and access them on click of a button.

So what makes CCH iFirm Document Module an outstanding performer?

The CCH iFirm document management software helps your business manage its files, from sharing and collaboration to archiving inactive files. The CCH iFirm documents module for management for accounting firms is an interface designed to facilitate easy client document management in a cloud environment. The module has two components: a cloud-based interface within CCH iFirm and an application with an MS Office add-in that is installed locally.The prime concept is to provide you easy access;anywhere and anytime. The software enables you to access your valuable clients’ files through a simple click on the contact record. With the internet, everything has become easy and handy. Not just it manages but also stores the client folder on the cloud powered by leading cloud storage – “Dropbox”.

You can simply access your data on the fly, from any computer, phone or tablet. This document management for accountants works as an interface with Box, Dropbox or OneDrive.

CCH iFirm Document management also gives you an option to share files and interact with external users; that is, clients, contractors, and other non-staff with whom you need to collaborate. These interactions are recorded on a secure channel to protect all your important data and manage the communication transparently. This software takes away the hassle of managing documents with its innovative solution to make storage and retrieval effortless.



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