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Why Chartered Accountants need smart document management or client portal software?

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Document management software for accountants is an important part of a paperless home office. Just like paper, all digital/electronic documents need to be stored securely so they can be retrieved and used as needed. To have an effective paperless office, you need a system to manage these necessary documents.

Most Chartered Accountancy firms choose to implement document management software because they truly increase efficiency. Gone are the days when It used to be that you would have to use large cabinets and manually retrieve files. Now with the advent of technology employees can enter the required file-name or search criteria and retrieve relevant documents in a matter of seconds. One of the other benefits is that you can also have an access to the document management system for accountants from outside of the network if it is properly set up. This can be done because document management systems have the option of installing and running them on your own computer or a network or accessing them via the cloud.

CCH iFirm is document management software related firms which also provides a smart Client Portal for accountants. This maintains contacts client wise and project wise to provide easy access and time management. The Client Portal for accountants provides a secure channel in which you can work with your clients online at every level. This also lets you securely share documents, data and reports with the respective clients. This feature of the software helps in meeting the target with efficiency from day to day business operations of a firm. CCH iFirm is an impressive and easy to use platform which will earn your firm applause from your clients.



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