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CCH iFirm Workflow Management Software is Transforming the Future of Chartered Accounting Firms

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

The days of audit trunks and tax binders are gone. The rise of the digital age with advancing technology at its core is driving the need to work faster and smarter. This change has turned out to be positive especially in the chartered accountancy practice profession, where the speeding up of technology, combined with higher diligence needs, due dates, staff maintenance etc. makes it a challenge for such firms’ to efficiently manage themselves.

Such factors make it a must for CA firms to establish a way to adapt to this changing environment by leveraging technology to drive process improvements.

CCH iFirm workflow management software for accountants is designed to help firms to get through these challenges, with the focus to make them efficient and productive, while facilitating the transition to a paperless work environment.

Wolter Kluwers’ CCH iFirm workflow management software helps firms manage all work processes across all departments and multiple offices. From spreadsheets, documents to client data, everything is centralized, which results in increased efficiency and improved collaboration.

The CCH iFirm workflow management module is an automated tool that eliminates the need to manually move files throughout your office and provides you instant access to all the client information, tasks and deadlines. Timesheets and Job Management are two integral modules of the workflow process of this software. These modules perform individual tasks but contribute directly to the management of overall workflow of the firm. Timesheets for chartered accountants allows chartered accountants to figure out whether the team is on schedule. It helps in figuring out the productivity and performance of the staff; also, helps in calculating how much time is being invested on individual project.

Job Management helps in prioritizing jobs which needs to be carried out immediately. It lets managers to allocate jobs and prioritize them for the staff, set up jobs individually or even in bulk. It also lets you specify a minimum or an agreed fee for a client which will create automatic write-ups when invoicing.

Therefore, CCH iFirm makes valuable information available at fingertips, letting partners spend more time on analysis rather than documenting, which ultimately increases productivity and profitability.



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