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CCH iFirm intranet based software for CA firms helps in productivity

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Office Productivity software is a category of application programs that help users produce things such as documents, databases, graphs, worksheets and presentations. How does the CCH iFirm intranet based software for CA firms help in employee productivity?

Employee productivity also referred to as a workforce productivity is an evaluation of the efficiency of an employee or group of employees. CCH iFirm increases that efficiency by facilitating employee’s tasks. For example, our software is based on cloud, which yields digital files, makes the tasks of creating, editing, storage and sharing of documents much more efficiently. Similarly, database management systems greatly simplify the tasks of retrieving, storing and working with data while also enormously expanding the capabilities of data manipulation and analysis. Key Features:

Therefore, CCH iFirm integrates all key business functions. The module of Jobs, Capacity Planning, Invoicing, Reports and Timesheets for chartered accountants enables the firm to keep track of all jobs across the firm. Resources are optimally utilized; client invoicing and account receivables are kept under control. ‘Contacts module’ ensures that client information, including prospects and leads are up to date. CCH iFirm helps in managing clients, contacts, jobs, billing and debtors through intranet based software for CA firms. Each man-hour has been optimized and accounted for, resulting in visible improvement in meeting deadlines and a drop in losses occurring due to delays. Client relationships are well maintained owing to updated Client Information Card. The overall productivity, thus upsurges the firm with the use of CCH iFirm.



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