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CCH iFirm Client Portal for Chartered Accountants Helps in Swift Client Communication & Management

Friday, September 30th, 2016

CCH iFirm the next-generation software for chartered accountants is designed to help make your practice simpler. The software with its various modules offer end-to-end solutions that can help any CA firm keep pace with the modern day practice needs.

The CCH iFirm Client Portal module is specifically made for chartered accountants. A versatile software for chartered accountants that employs the very latest, tried and tested security innovation. It lets your firm’s chartered accountants manage and communicate with clients in an organised fashion. This is the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use cloud-based practice management software that also helps in building strong client relationship. The software also manages your firm’s client contacts and communication of reports and taxing documents.

The Client Portal comes with vast features for the varying requirements of Chartered Accountants in the level of managing their firm contacts.


  • Allows you to consolidate your contacts.
  • One-point access for all clients.
  • Connect with your clients wherever they are.
  • Smooth and secure connect through a contemporary platform which boosts efficiency across the board.
  • Safest channel to communicate with clients, be it document sharing or client collaboration.
  • Securely share data and reports with the clients.
  • With comprehensive integration, the client data is constantly synchronized across all software in your practice.
  • Keeps track of each and every interaction with your client.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Maintains key dates for every client.
  • To-Do list of pending tasks.
  • Generate reports. Service wise client reports.
  • Link clients to billing.
  • Backing up and documents and restores.

The Client Portal module empowers to connect, communicate and collaborate easily with your clients. As connectivity is a very important task for a chartered accountancy firm of all sizes, thus, implementing client portal will not only streamline communication, but will go a long way in proper management and healthy client relationship building.



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