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CCH iFirm Becomes the Most Favoured Practice Management Software for Accountants in India

Monday, November 13th, 2017

A leading Global Tax, Accounting and Audit information solution provider – Wolters Kluwer, has successfully transformed hundreds of chartered accountancy practices within a span of one year since its launch in India.

Wolters Kluwer has earned itself a position of one of the most established and trusted providers of practice management software for chartered accountancy firms in India. The company’s product CCH iFirm helps CA firms become efficient, superior, integrated and automated thereby helping them transform themselves into modern age CA practices.

Nowadays in India, an increasing number of CA firms are implementing technology driven processes that help in making their practices more efficient.

CCH iFirm is particularly designed to handle the complexities of such practices. The software is one of the most powerful practice management tools with integrated modules created to handle every aspect of a CA firm. This softwarefacilitates automated workflow systems that provide better control and authentic data to its users.

The best part about this software is the plethora of features that are offered, also the added advantage of reachability, i.e, easy access to the software from anywhere. The increasing demand for such software proves the efficiency and need for such solutions.

This software is pre-configured to meet various scenarios for your practice and provides a comprehensive solution to all your work needs. With scalable modules, CCH iFirm’s cloud solutions give you better control and complete flexibility to scale up the solution as per your growing requirements.

No matter where you are today, with CCH iFirm you can achieve new benchmarks for your practice. This software solution for the accounting practice is available on the cloud in an easy-to-use manner with a comprehensive list of modules to fit your company’s needs.



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