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Why Is Capacity Planning an Important Module for Your CA Firm’s Performance?

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

The conventional approach to capacity planning and resource management may become ineffective as a CA firm rushes to keep up with the accelerated pace of its practice. This calls for newer concepts like CCH iFirm job management software that offer Capacity Planning as a utility.

It is a known fact that stable teams perform better.Dismantling and reforming teams for specific projects takes a toll on both quality and productivity.

CCH iFirm practice manager provides an extremely powerful “Capacity planning” module. The goal of this module is to help you plan your resources well and allow you to gain better value of the complete solution.Capacity planning helps a CA firm analyze the capabilities of a system over a specified period. This module assesses an organization’s schedule for production against its actual production capacity.

Capacity Planning enables your practice process to be on time with uninterrupted cash-flows. This is an essential component of capacity management module. A firm can plan and strategise their resources with implementing job management, timesheets and capacity planning modules developed for chartered accountants to maximize overall performance of the team and the firm.

With CCH iFirms’ Capacity planning, you can match jobs as per your staff resources and create targets. This will make it easier for you to file dates as per the checklists created for each client assignment. The aim is to let you plan your CA firm’s resource based on their workload or automatically allocate recurring jobs.

Eliminate capacity and scheduling issues to maximize your output. Plan the workload in advance so you will never be under- or over-staffed. Recurring jobs can be automatically scheduled, giving you a clear view of how to build your remaining workflow around these. You can easily identify bottlenecks by re-allocating work across users and across different months.

You can be assured that you are equipped with the most efficient team setup. Your staff will be happy with the reduced stress levels during peak work periods.



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