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For over 40 years, Wolters Kluwer, CCH has been helping accountants.
You could even say we wrote the book on it.

office management software for chartered accountants

Office Management Software

CCH iFirm- office management software for Chartered Accountants is designed around jobs, workflow and resource planning. Streamline your business operations & achieve healthier bottom lines and happier staff.

practice management software for ca

The Complete Cloud Suite

CCH iFirm can be accessed anywhere & anytime. This practice management software for accountants lets you retrieve any information on clients, jobs, workflow real-time on a web browser.

practice management software for accountants

CA Firm of the Future

Take a fresh approach towards running your business and saving costs, improve profitability and service delivery with best practice management software for CA.


CA Firm of the Future

Discover dynamic, integrated, cloud-based solutions to simplify and automate the running of your practice.

You’ll enjoy increased visibility across workflow, resources and performance – ultimately freeing your practice up to spend more time adding value to your clients.

Everything you need to manage and work efficiently is at your fingertips whether you’re in the office, working remotely or out visiting clients.

Learn more about Practice Manager, Practice Knowhow, iFirm Documents, Client Portal and Contacts.


  • "With CCH iFirm, we have integrated all business functions and now have better control over our business operations. The system is up-to-date with client information including contact details, jobs in progress, invoiced value and account receivables."
    Sathya Hegde, BC Shetty & Co.
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  • "The CCH iFirm Practice Management tool has clearly given us greater visibility, more control and helped us in increasing our productivity by 25% within the first six months."
    Viral Chotai, Radisson Consulting
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  • "CCH iFirm has become intensely crucial to our day to day practice. In fact, I regret not having used it from ground Zero. That would have certainly enabled us to enhance our Profits and Efficiency even further."
    Arvind Rao, Arvind Rao & Associates
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  • "CCH IFirm is the next generation cloud based software that has given us the power to run more efficiently and profitably."
    A John Moris & Co.
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Your clients place their trust in you to support them with accurate work and timely advice. CCH iFirm provides you with the tools and systems, when you have to be right.

From the core responsibility of keeping clients compliant, all the way through to streamlining how you communicate with them, we’ve got solutions to enhance and grow your relationship.

Learn more about Client Portal.


CA Firm of the Future
  • "CCH iFirm provides comprehensive intelligent reports that help us keep tabs on our project status, job status, whether it is pending, allocated or completed and staff productivity through timesheets at any given point of time. CCH iFirm keeps us updated on cost per job allowing us to take necessary action to sustain profitability."
    Mihir Tanna
    Associate Director | Taxation, SK Patodia & Associates

  • "CCH iFirm has helped us gain better control over our Firm’s operations. We are now able to systematically manage all client information, track jobs end to end and eliminate bottlenecks to increase our profitability by 12%."
    Niraj Harodia
    Partner, KASG & Co.



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